My name is Libby B. I am an Alaskan. I live in Wyoming.

Born in the small fishing village of Homer, Alaska, I grew up with stars and glaciers and that low January sun in my eyes. I have an enlarged optic nerve, says my optometrist, so I see what others do not.

I earned a degree in creative writing from Colorado College in ‘07 and then spent the rest of my twenties seeing things and gathering stories while I taught Alaskan youth to explore, with the organization I founded in Homer called HoWL.

In ‘15, I left HoWL to see more of the world, to see my country. I drove from Alaska, through Canada and into the great American West. For over 200 nights in ‘15 and ‘16, I camped and crashed across America, as far away from home as southern Texas. Here are some of the sights. This journey forms the setting for my first novel, Salty, but rest assured, you who would fear my telling of what really happened, the plot is fiction ;)

A Saunter is my collection of memoirs from that journey. Poetry and Prose are a random sample of old musings. Work is a short teaser for Salty.  All photos on this site, except for the ones of me, were taken by me. And of course, all the writing is mine.

I hope you enjoy the adventure. Be in touch.

-Libby B Bushell, July ‘19